Best Teacup Maltipoo Breeders: USA Top List Reviewed

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Finding teacup Maltipoo breeders can be challenging. Dozens of online websites claim to produce healthy teacup pups but not all of them are trustworthy.

Breeders have to be skilled when cross-breeding Maltese and Poodles. This way, they can produce healthy pups that will be your furry pet at home.

Here, we listed some of the trusted Maltipoo breeders and what you need to know when dealing with one.

1. Maltipoo FurBabies

Maltipoo FurBabies is a Maltipoo breeder in Chicago, Illinois that’s been operating for more than 20 years now. They only breed Maltipoo puppies, and to ensure that they produce healthy pups, only 4 to 5 litters a year are conceived.

The good thing about Maltipoo FurBabies is they focus on the health, temperament, and quality of each pup. This way, you have the guarantee that each teacup Maltipoo they produce is healthy for long-term ownership.

Most of all, FurBabies implement strict de-worming and vaccination schedules plus constant guidance of a veterinarian. All of their teacup pups will grow at 4 lbs. and can be taken home once it reaches 12 weeks old. All pups have a one-year written health guarantee.

Take note that Maltipoo FurBabies only place their Maltipoo pups to loving families, not on pet stores or pet brokers. This makes them the best Maltipoo breeder in the U.S.

Price: $350 shipping fee + puppy cost

Contact information


Phone: (773) 379-6910

2. Polos Maltipoos

teacup Maltipoo breedersPolos Maltipoos produce toy and teacup Maltipoo puppies. The breeder farm stemmed from a family business of breeding specialized guard dogs. Its owner is a certified dog behaviorist and very adept to the world of canines.

They post photos of their pregnant doggos from which the litters will come from. You can also follow them on Instagram for more photos of their Maltipoos using the hashtag #polosmaltipoos.

Polos Maltipoos place the pups to their new homes once it reaches a minimum of 8 weeks old. At this point, the pups have received their first shots and de-worming treatments. And before you take the pup home, a veterinarian will check the health of the Maltipoo pup first.

The pup will also come with a baby blanket that smells like the breeders’ place to help it transition. There’s also a toy, dog food, and birth a certificate.

Cost of puppies: $$$

Contact information


Contact number: 541-993-6595

3. Sherry’s Maltipoos

teacup Maltipoo breedersSherry’s Maltipoos is a Yorkiepoo, Maltipoo, and Cockapoo breeder based in Fitzgerald, Georgia. They specialize in first generation Maltipoos that involve cross-breeding Maltese and Poodle dogs. There are also other designer dogs in their care that you can check out.

Sherry’s Maltipoos has a special nursery that’s well-kept to ensure the health of their pups. The pups are born inside their home to completely monitor the condition of the mother dog. Once the litter reaches 4 weeks old, it will be transferred to their nursery facility.

At this point, the Maltipoo pups are taught to housebreak. There’s also a crating room where crates are kept complete with comfy beds and toys inside. As the best Maltipoo breeder, their whole process ensures that the pups grow in a loving and well-cared environment.

Cost of puppies: $1,200 to $1,500 per pup | $200 deposit, cash-only full payment upon delivery or pick-up

Contact information

Email: |

Phone: 229-457-4545 (Cell) | 229-423-8158 (Home)

4. Country Acres Puppies

teacup Maltipoo breedersThe Country Acres Puppies is located in Fairbury, Illinois. They specialize in small dog breeds like Maltipoos, Yorkies, Toy Poodles, Maltese, and more designer dogs.

It’s a family owned business where the entire family takes part in breeding and raising the litters. Rest assured that each pup is produced with great care and raised with love.

Take note that they stopped shipping the pups via airplane. If you are located in a farther area, you can fly to Illinois and they will meet you at the airport to hand the puppy.

You can also schedule a puppy visit to meet the Maltipoos personally. They allow this from Monday to Saturday from 8 AM to 3:30 PM on an appointment basis.

All the Maltipoo pups can be brought home once it reaches five weeks old.

Cost of puppies: Total adoption price of $1,450 (first-come-first-serve basis)

Contact information:


Phone: 815-419-5245 | Emergency line: 815-867-1234 (look for Randall)

5. Pocket Poos

teacup Maltipoo breedersPocket Poos is just a small kennel in Cookeville, Tennessee but their Maltipoo expertise spans to 20 years to date. Currently, they offer different Maltipoo colors and sizes ranging from 4 to 6 pounds. Sometimes, they also breed larger versions of around 3 to 10 pounds.

The owner of Pocketpoos has attended Columbia Community College for Veterinarian Technician so rest assured he’s knowledgeable about dogs.

When it comes to training and housing, the Maltipoos aren’t caged in Pocket Poos. Unlike other teacup Maltipoo breeder, Pocket Poos allows the dogs to live freely inside the facility.

Also, they don’t deliver their dogs via cargo. Instead, they have drivers to send the pup to you. If your location requires flying, you can fly to TN and pick up the pup.

Cost of puppies: Total of $1,200 for the adoption | $500 to reserve

Contact information:


Phone: 931-783-3956

6. McHenry Maltese Puppies

teacup Maltipoo breedersMcHenry Maltese Puppies is the best Maltipoo breeder if you’re looking for one around McHenry, Illinois. As a reputable breeder, they specialize in Maltipoos, Toy Poodles, and Malteses. All of their puppies range from 5 to 12 pounds with many color variations.

Overall, this breeder has a combined expertise of 40 years in breeding and raising dogs. The Maltipoos are produced through first-generation parents.

Also, McHenry Maltese Puppies screens all the inquiries they receive. They ensure that the potential owner matches the dog. If not, they will decline the transaction.

If you’re interested to visit the puppy, you’ll have to wait until it’s at least 8 weeks old and has received its first round of shots. You don’t have to worry because the staff will provide photos every three weeks as the pup grows.

Lastly, McHenry has a 48-hour rule. Upon taking the Maltipoo home, you have to bring it to a vet within 48 hours so you can keep them liable on the pup’s health. If you don’t follow the 48-hour rule, it means that you accept the pup as it is and you can’t force McHenry to answer should something come up in the next days.

Cost of puppies: Minimum of $900 |separate puppy nanny delivery fee of $500 at the nearest airport

Contact information:

Contact form:

7. CR Puppy Love

teacup Maltipoo breedersThe CR Puppy Love is owned and managed by Colene and Rich Olsen. This Iowa-based breeder/seller specializes in designer dogs like Maltipoos, Yorkies, Havanese, Morkies, and more.

Take note that they only accept personal inquiries and not broker or pet store purchases. Its owner, Rich, has been working in animal and genetics for more than 30 years. With this, rest assured that each pup they produce is healthy.

However, CR Puppy Love only markets for a network of professional breeders. Still, you are free to inquire where your pup is coming from so you can do your research.

They screen inquiries strictly so only they could match the dogs to the rightful owner. Most of their Maltipoos are around 3 to 6 pounds.

Cost of puppies: $1,800 to $5,000 depending on the rarity of the color

Contact information:

Email: |

Phone: (515) 250-3599

8. Healthy Pups

teacup Maltipoo breedersHealthy Pups is a breeder in Roaring River, North Carolina founded in 1982. They breed a wide range of dogs like Maltipoos, ShihPoo, Poodle, Puggle, MalShi, Shorkie, YorkiePoo and other crossbreeds.

Aside from producing designer dogs, they also foster rescue dogs that are open for adoption.

If you want to visit the pups, you have to schedule an appointment with them. They have strict rules when it comes to interacting with dogs. The owner recommends that you read their website’s content before paying them a visit.

If you can’t visit, the owner is willing to Face Time with you so you can have a walk-through of the pup. You can also reserve the pup for 12 weeks for free once you sent a deposit. After 12 weeks, they will charge you with $5 a day to keep the pup reserved. You can set up the courier service on their website as well if you prefer delivery instead of personal pick-up.

Most of all, don’t forget to refer to their driving directions indicated on their website. Their place is a bit tricky to find if you rely on GPS alone.

Cost of puppies: $750 to $1,200 (deposit is needed to reserve the puppy)

Contact information


Phone: (336) 957-3609

What to know before dealing with a breeder

Before you contact any of the listed teacup Maltipoo breeders, make sure that you keep the following points in mind.

1. Check the credibility

This is imperative when dealing with teacup Maltipoo breeders online. You can easily find a website, but it doesn’t mean you should trust it right away.  If the offer is too good to be true, it’s probably not worth pushing through.

Just because a breeder’s website is old and funny-looking doesn’t mean they are less credible. Others don’t just have the time and resources to hire a website developer.

Meanwhile, scammers will come up with the perfect website to attract more customers. Still, take this with a grain of salt. Just be meticulous and cautious all the time.

2. Ask for proof of each puppy

Remember, it’s easy to search and steal photos of Maltipoo puppies. When you’re planning to adopt or buy a pup, always ask for proof that the doggo actually exists.

Much better, call them and schedule a visit to their place. This way, you can ensure that there’s an actual puppy with necessary documents.

3. Assess the contact information

If a breeder doesn’t show its contact number, address, or email on its website, you should look for another option. As much as the teacup Maltipoo photos in their pages are attractive, you can’t look them up on their area for possible red flags.

4. Always look for realistic pricing

You can easily spot a fraudulent breeder by the way it puts prices on the puppies. Realistic teacup Maltipoo breeders will charge you from $450 up to $2,000 depending on how rare the teacup dog is.

If you find a very cheap teacup puppy online, this is most likely to be an unhealthy pup that’s bred haphazardly.

5. Inquire about their reserve/deposit terms

Most breeders will ask you to send a deposit so they can reserve the pup for you. This is common practice. However, make sure that the breeder will not charge an extra without your knowledge.

Watch out for the following:

Here are some of the tell-tale signs that you’re dealing with a dubious teacup Maltipoo breeders:

1. Constant cooing

Is the breeder trying to talk you to bring the dog home? If the breeder constantly coos about you and the dog being “soulmates” and not the technicalities of adoption, consider looking for another one.

2. Excessive price cuts

If the breeder is willing to slash the price of the puppy by as much as 50% just so you will take it home, you should be alarmed. This might tell something about the puppy’s health.

3. Forces you to act quickly

Some breeders will resort to some marketing techniques just to pressure you to take the puppy home. Don’t let this distract you from finding the best pup for you.

4. Not allowing personal pick-ups or visits

All legitimate breeders will allow customers to schedule a visit before taking the pup home. It’s also better to look for a breeder that caters to pick-ups aside from delivery.

If the breeder doesn’t want you to see the pup in person before paying for it, you should start to doubt.

Looking for teacup Maltipoo breeders will be easy if you know what to avoid. At all times, pick a healthy pup that’s produced and raised properly.

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