Maltipoo vs. Cavapoo – Which Dog Breed is Better For You?


So,  are you deciding between Maltipoo and Cavapoo? These cute little dogs are some of the cutest small dogs around. They sure would make a great family pet.

Other than obvious physical differences, Maltipoo and Cavapoo seem similar. However, just as they are both cute, little dogs, Maltipoo and Cavapoo still have some differences which you may want to consider.

When deciding between two dog breeds, it is important to get to know them a little better to be sure that the dog you will choose will fit you or your family’s lifestyle.

Without further ado, here are the comparison between a Maltipoo and a Cavapoo. This comparison is not intended to show which one is better; our purpose here is for you to help decide which dog breed will better suit you.

We hope that at the end of the article, you can finally determine which dog will you choose. Let’s get started!

Overview Description

A typical Maltipoo stands at the height of 20 to 35cm and they weight at around 2 to 6kg.  Maltipoos are not yet considered a true breed since there is no breed standard for this dog

The Maltipoo’s coat tends to be fluffy and tends to be straighter and wavy than curly, unlike Cavapoo’s. Maltipoo’s coat, if not properly taken care of, can grow really long, so Maltipoo owners often visit their professional pet groomer to either shorten or have his coat professionally clipped.

The color of a Maltipoo’s coat can vary, often from apricot to brown, white to cream, or a good combination of these colors. Typically, a Maltipoo’s tail is long and often curls, sometimes even over his back. Some owners may prefer to dock their Maltipoo’s tail.

A Maltipoo is expected to live within 10 to 13 years.

On the other hand, a Cavapoo can stand just a bit lower than a Maltipoo. Its average height is around 28 to 33cm and it weighs around 5 to 12kg, so it is slightly heavier than a Maltipoo.

A Cavapoo can come in different colors: he can be white, black, brown, or even tri-colored, but Cavapoos often tend to appear in brown color. Typically, a Cavapoo’s coat is a little bit curly than that of a Maltipoo’s, but it can also have a long, silky coat that comes from the Cavalier breed.

Cavapoos have a round face, long ears, and large brown eyes. Cavapoos often tend to be adaptable in any lifestyle, either in the city or in the countryside, so wherever you live or if you are planning to move, Cavapoo can adapt to their environment.

If you are concerned about having allergies and triggering any allergic reaction, Cavapoo and Maltipoo both tend to be hypoallergenic, mainly due to their Poodle roots. However, there is no guarantee that these breeds are 100% hypoallergenic.

A Cavapoo can live a little longer, within 10 to 15 years. Of course, this still largely depends on how you treat your dogs.

Breed Temperament and Characteristics


Maltipoos are known for having an active temperament – they are bright, fun-loving, and zestful. You will not be bored if you keep companion with your Maltipoo as they really love to play.

Maltipoos are also easy going and can easily hang out with your family members as he is even-tempered. Needless to say, treat your Maltipoo gently and with care. Especially, if you have kids, teach them how to properly treat your Maltipoo as they may play too much on the dog which can be both bad for your dog and kids. More importantly, if you have toddlers, never allow them to climb over your Maltipoo, or any dog really – whether the dog is big or small.

As mentioned earlier, Maltipoo is highly adaptable to either city or countryside life. Maltipoos are, by nature, indoor dogs, but can they can just be active outdoors as long as there are fun activities to be done such as ball games or playing with your kids on the lawn. A little walk outside your home’s perimeter is also good for your Maltipoo. But the most important thing for a Maltipoo is the companionship you and your family gives to him.

Overall, Maltipoos are fun-loving and very sociable dogs. Bringing a Maltipoo home will surely bring more joy and fun for you and your family.


Cavapoos also make a great pet dog, either if you are alone or with your family. Cavapoo is also highly active, playful, loving, intelligent, and loyal dogs.

Training your Cavapoo is relatively easy as he is quick to learn. If you trained your Cavapoo properly, he will do well in socialization – he would become an affectionate and obedient doggo family member.

Since Cavapoos are highly friendly, loyal and sociable, Cavapoo loves to be involved in every activity your family is up to, and surely, he thrives for your companionship! Just be sure not to leave him for too long; otherwise, he can develop bad behavior such as ongoing barking and yapping – you don’t want to wake up your neighbor at 3 AM!

But once you showered your Cavapoo with love and lots and lots of attention, he will surely be a great part of your family.

Pet Care

Here are some of the basic care demands that each dog will ask from you. Take care of them well, and they will reward you with love, loyalty, and fun!



Just like any other dog, your Maltipoo must have proper vaccination such as vaccination for rabies and other needed vaccinations for both his safety and the safety of humans he is hanging out with, including you of course.

If he reaches adulthood and you don’t want further puppies, bring him to your vet to assist you in either spaying or neutering him to prevent further puppies.


With a Maltipoo, choose a high-quality small breed dog food if you are going to feed him commercially manufactured food. This is to ensure he remains healthy. Try and keep your diet simple for your Maltipoo to avoid stomach problems.

High-quality dog food for small dogs works best for your Maltipoo to ensure he gets the nutrients he needs. Also, keep his diet simple to avoid any stomach problems.

For real foods and adding variety to his diet, add some brown rice, vegetables or chopped boiled chicken from time to time as well.

The amount of food you give your Maltipoo depends on his particular size and amount of activity he has. If you give too much for his size and activity level, it can make your dog obese, which would be very bad for his health.

Maltipoos prefer to be fed with two small meals than one large meal. And of course, don’t forget his bowl of cool, freshwater.


Since Maltipoo’s coat tend to grow very long and thick, keeping it in top shape is essential. Cut or clip his coat, or have it done by professional pet groomers. This will make your Maltipoo comfortable, especially during hot or warm weather.

Proper bathing is required, but do not bathe him too much as it can irritate his skin. And of course, make sure that he is free from parasites like ticks and fleas.

To avoid unexpected injuries or if you are not sure how to groom him have him be taken care of a professional groomer.



Cavapoos tend to only need regular vaccines such as rabies and other needed vaccine to keep your dog’s health in tip-top shape. Other than regular vaccinations, your Cavapoo won’t need much more, unless he is dealing with a specific health condition.


Cavapoos, just like other small dogs, need more calories than large dogs because they often tend to have faster metabolisms. Fat and protein are key nutrients your Cavapoo will need. They can get this either on high-quality, real foods or high-quality commercialized dog food.

But again, be sure that the amount of food you give is proportional to the level of activity your Cavapoo gets. If you give him too much than his activity level, it can make him obese.

Lastly, always serve your Cavapoo with a bowl of fresh and cool water.


Unlike Maltipoos, Cavapoos do not need much grooming as they often tend to shed less. Minimal grooming – trimming of the hair, bathing, and overall cleaning – is needed for Cavapoo. Of course, don’t forget to check for unwanted “guests” in your Cavapoo’s body – ticks and fleas!

If you are unsure of the grooming procedure, have your Cavapoo groomed by a professional instead to avoid any unexpected injuries.

Conclusion: Maltipoo or Cavapoo?

Overall, Maltipoos and Cavapoos are simply small, cute dogs that are both very active and can both work very well with their families. Just be sure to take care of their regular pet care needs. Also, do not forget to shower them with your attention and love. Unless you want a yapping and barking dog most of the time!

But in the end, both dogs will be a great companion for you and your family!


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