How to Potty Train a Maltipoo – Easy Steps and Guide

Knowing how to potty train a Maltipoo is important to raise a well-rounded pooch. Even as a teacup dog, it’s important that you raise a disciplined canine. The good news is that Maltipoos tend to learn potty training faster than other breeds. With consistency and patience, you can succeed in this new training drill.

Just like a toddler, pups don’t know how to go to the bathroom. As the pawrent, it’s your responsibility to train your pooch. Here’s my short guide for you:

When to start training

For Maltipoo pups, you can start training them at the age of 8 weeks. This is the same age on which you can bring home a teacup Maltipoo from a legitimate breeder. The pup would have mingled with its litter well and it already nursed on its mother enough.

Usually, it will take around three months to housebreak a Maltipoo fully. You can always train an adult doggo or a pup that’s more than 4 months old. However, the earlier you start the easier it would be.

Since 8-week Maltipoo haven’t formed any habits yet, you won’t have to deal with behavioral issues.

When to take your Maltipoo outside

This also roots down from the age of the pooch. Usually, a 4-month old teacup can hold their pee for about 4 hours or more. A grown-up pup of around 8 months old can hold their urine for 8 hours. Even if your doggo can hold their bladder that long, it’s not ideal to push them to the limits.

Just like humans, Maltipoos can develop urinary tract infection if not allowed to be outside when they need to pee.

When it comes to elimination, most Maltipoo pups would have a bowel movement 20 minutes after they finish their meal.

Generally, I would bring my Maltipoo out in the yard during these conditions:

*Right after I get him out of the crate. I crate my pup at night so she can sleep soundly. The moment I get him out, I’ll bring her in the yard to go. Take note that we do a midnight potty trip before this one.

*Whenever my pup shows the ‘signs’. My pup would usually run in circles and bark like mad when she’s about to go. This will vary per pup. Usually, you will learn your own doggo’s cues after a few weeks.

*20 minutes after her meal. Since I have a teacup, my pup will usually poo 20-30 minutes after eating a full meal.

Take note that Maltipoos have the tendency to pee when they get excited. You simply can’t predict accidents in these cases.

MY TIP: If you can’t bring your Maltipoo outside for some reasons, I suggest that you use a potty pad. I use the one from Fresh Patch because it has grass which simulates my own yard.

how to potty train a Maltipoo

Tips on potty training your Maltipoo

Personally, here’s a simple guide I recommend to fellow teacup Maltipoo owners. Some points may vary per pooch so feel free to adjust it as it merits.

Only allow 10 minutes per potty trip

This may depend on some dogs but mine would usually finish within 10 minutes. Besides, if your dog really needs to go, it won’t take more than 15 minutes.

Sniffing around is pretty normal since they will look for that ‘perfect spot’ to plant the ‘bomb’. Ten minutes can feel like forever but you need to give that little pup some time to go. I suggest that you bring your phone with you to kill time.

Pick a spot and stick with it

Your Maltipoo can go faster if you will lead it to a certain spot where it can poo or pee. I suggest that you choose a patch with the least foot traffic. This way, your doggo can concentrate and no one will step on their excretions.

Remember to choose an area that you access even during wintery days.

Always keep a close watch

Never let your pooch run free on your yard. Always be the one to be in control of their potty. This way, you can set the rules and see your doggo’s pooing and peeing habits.

I personally loop the end of the leash on my belt to keep my pooch close. If your pup tends to release in a blink of an eye, I suggest opening the crate outdoors to prevent accidents on your floor.

Deal with nighttime barking properly

Sometimes, Maltipoos will bark at night for two reasons: they need to pee or they just want attention. If you’re not sure, just bring it out without speaking. Keep the lights dim. This way, your Maltipoo will know that barking won’t get him playtime or any heightened attention.

In my experience, about 85% of the time, my dog just wants attention. Anyway, you wouldn’t want that doggo holding up its urine for too long even if the chance of peeing is very little.

Reward your pooch when it releases on the right area

You’ll never want your pup to poo and pee just about anywhere. When the pup releases in your designated area, reward it with a small treat.

Clean accidents well

Remember that wiping accidents clean isn’t enough. Even if you removed the dirt and smell, your pooch can still track the enzyme traces. Chances are it will go on the same spot in your home.

I use the enzyme cleaner from Rocco & Roxie since it removes the stains and smell of urine. It works for both cats and dogs.

Don’t raise your voice

Pups will make potty mistakes from time to time. No matter what happens, never scold or spank your pooch. If you do so, they will associate potty to punishment. There would be more accidents when that happens.

If your pup has accidents, train him even more. You can tap the help of a professional trainer if your own efforts don’t work.

Struggling with potty training? Here are some more tips from Pet Dog Training:


Knowing how to potty train a Maltipoo can be challenging. With consistency, proper training, and patience, you can teach your pup the right way to go.

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