Does a Maltipoo Shed? Info And Names Tailored For This Puppy Breed!

Does a Maltipoo shed? Maltipoo is a hybrid dog between a Poodle and a Maltese. Both of these dogs are non-shedding which is obvious why Maltipoos also bear the same characteristic.

Dog owners who want a hypoallergenic breed that’s small and adorable will never go wrong with Maltipoos. Here, we’ll take a look on Maltipoo’s shedding rate, how you can keep this doggo’s coat in good condition, and a bunch of Maltipoo names that you’ll love in case you’re planning to get one of these pooches.

Do Maltipoos shed?

The shedding rate of Maltipoos has something to do with its ancestors. It’s a product of cross-breeding between a Poodle and a Maltese. Both are known to be non-shedders. This is why it’s no wonder why Maltipoos are the same.

However, let me break some bad news here. No dog is 100% hypoallergenic. Still, most pet enthusiasts will describe hypoallergenic to be a pet that sheds minimally. If that’s the case, Maltipoos will make the cut as a hypoallergenic dog.

The good thing here is that Maltipoos produce less dander than other designer dogs. Dander isn’t just about shed hair. It’s the collective term for the dead skin cells that the dog produces. As much as the likes of Maltipoos don’t necessarily shed hair, they still give off dander as part of their skin’s normal cycle.

So does a Maltipoo shed? Nope. Still, the amount of dander these pooches produce is way less than other breeds. However, for those with very strong allergic reactions to dander, they may need to check with the breeder first.

Each Maltipoo will have varying dander-producing levels. If you have allergies, it’s best to visit the pup before bringing it home. This way, you’ll see how your body will react.

does a Maltipoo shed

Why Maltipoos are more convenient than other dogs

Compared to other dog breeds, Maltipoos are relatively more convenient to own. First, their teacup size means they are not demanding of space, food, and other things that bigger dogs would need.

Also, since they shed less and they are friendlier for people with allergies. But then again, there’s no 100% certainty that each Maltipoo will have the same quality. We advise that you get your pup from a legitimate breeder.

Here are some reasons why Maltipoos are more convenient than other breeds:

>They stay small

Yes, if you want a dog that remains small over the years, you should consider getting a Maltipoo. A teacup Maltipoo will only weigh 5 pounds as an adult. Anyway, you have the choice to get a bigger version for as much as 10 pounds.

Such size makes Maltipoos a good choice for apartment and condo living. Also, families with small homes will like the size of Maltipoos.

>They retain their puppy attitude even as adults

Maltese mix dogs like Maltipoos tend to act like puppies even if they are older. This means that they stay active and playful for years. Such behavior makes them very appealing to dog owners who want a vibrant pup at home.

With this attitude, Maltipoos are the perfect companion and emotional support dogs. They’re like a ray of sunshine that brings contagious joy.

>They can thrive in apartment living

With their small size, there’s no doubt that Maltipoos can fit in apartment and city living. As long as you give them enough playtimes indoors, these pooches will stay happy and contented.

Maltipoos are friendly to everyone and are a recommended pet for first-time dog owners. The only thing you have to think about is their affinity to barking, something that they inherited from their Maltese parent.

>They live longer

Small as they are, but Maltipoos can live a long life. If raised in an ideal environment, Maltipoos can live for as long as 13 years.

>They are easier to train

We have to thank the intelligence of Poodles and the eagerness of Malteses here. Maltipoos are active and smart dogs that always look for something to do. Also, they have very low prey drive which makes it easier for dog owners to handle them during training.

How to maintain a Maltipoo’s coat?

Just because Maltipoos shed less doesn’t mean their coat can be neglected. Remember, Maltipoos have hair and not fur that other dog breeds have. If you don’t groom it well, it will soon get matted which will lead to other skin problems.

Maltipoo’s coat color will vary from breeder to breeder. Some would be white, brown, or cream. Meanwhile, there are rare colors like Apricot, red, and blue. But does a Maltipoo shed in terms of coat color? No.

But regardless of what your Maltipoo’s coat color is, it’s important that you groom it well just the same.

Both its Poodle and Maltese parents are known for curly and long hair. With this, Maltipoos will need regular brushing and trimming. The hair on their face may also grow too long which will start to mat around their eyes. It’s important that you bring your pooch to a professional groomer every now and then.

To keep a Maltipoo’s coat healthy, you need to brush its wooly-like coat every single day. Clipping their hair is also necessary at least once or twice a year.

You should focus on the hair around their eyes too. Some Maltipoos with unclipped facial hair tends to accumulate eye dirt. This will make their face look grimy and wet.

But just like any dog, you have to start early in grooming a Maltipoo. Their active nature may cause them to wiggle and fight back when being handled.

Variation in Maltipoo coat color

Maltipoos can have solid or parti-coat which is a combination of two colors. Parti-coat will happen when a Poodle or Maltese with different colors are bred together.

Here are some of the major coat colors of Maltipoos:

White. So far, this coat color is the easiest to produce. A pure white Maltese and a white Poodle with no color variations from 5 generations back will surely produce this Maltipoo coat color.

Cream.  Many dog owners love this soft color. Sometimes, the cream color is so subtle it’s difficult to define until you put the pooch beside a white dog.

Black. Surprisingly, a pure black Maltipoo is the rarest of all color. Usually, black Maltipoo will be labeled as black with mis-mark if it has a tinge of other colors.

Apricot. This Maltipoo color is a favorite among dog owners. This flush out red and brown gives the dog a soft and mellow look. However, it can be tricky to find an Apricot Maltipoo since some would grow up and fade into a cream shade.

Blue. This is another rare color. Blue Maltipoos will look black until they are exposed to sunlight where their bluish shine will show. Also, blue Maltipoos will only have bluish paws, eye rims, and nose.

Red. This coat color is also rare and a bit difficult to produce. The reason for this is that most Maltipoos will have a light color when cross-bred.

Silver/Silver beige. Silver Maltipoos will usually have a dark color as a pup. But as it grows, it will fade into a silvery color with a mild shine to it.

does a Maltipoo shed

Mistakes to avoid when grooming a Maltipoo

So you think owning a Maltipoo is a piece of cake? Although it’s a joy to own such a lively dog, you also have to take care of their health. Part of this is ensuring that their coat is well kept.

To guide you, here are some mistakes you should avoid when grooming their hair:

>Not using the right brush

A brush you’ll use on a German Shepherd will not be the same as the one you’ll use for Maltipoos. For this flowy-haired dog, a slicker brush is the best choice. It removes tangles and matting that may happen among Maltipoos.

Still, choose the right brush size since teacup Maltipoos are fairly small.

>Not brushing before bathing

Yes, you need to brush your doggo’s coat before wetting it. This will make shampooing easier plus you won’t build more tangles while bathing. These tangles will be painful for your Maltipoo if you don’t remove it before bath time.

>Skipping groom time during winter

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean your Maltipoo can take a break from regular grooming. Even at cold seasons, your dog can still acquire dirt and muck outdoors. But does a Maltipoo shed during winter? No, but it’s not an excuse.

Failing to groom during winter may result in excessive matting and hair growth. As much as the thick hair will help your dog survive the cold, it will be problematic after a few months.

>Shaving their hair too close to the skin

During summer, a lot of dog owners shave their dog’s hair as an effort to keep them cool. However, it’s not ideal that you shave too close to their skin. This may damage their follicles which will cause their hair to not grow back normally.

It’s best to let a professional groomer trim your Maltipoo’s coat during summer. This way, you can prevent this accident from happening.

>Letting the romp outside for too long

Maltipoos love running and romping. However, it’s not ideal to leave them outdoors for a long time. Aside from the fact that it’s not safe, their coat will also gather lots of dirt.

Popular Maltipoo names you’d love!

Are you a soon-to-be Maltipoo pawrent? You’re probably brainstorming some good dog names. To help you out, here are some of our suggestions with meanings:

For male Maltipoos:

1. Caesar. What’s the best name for that feisty Maltipoo? This suits dog owners who consider their Maltipoo as the supreme doggo of the house.

2. Fonzi. This is a classy and handsome name for a curly haired dog like a Maltipoo.

3. Mongmong. If you want a unique name for your pooch, this one is a good choice. It’s the sound of a Maltipoo’s bark.

4. Peach. This suits an Apricot Maltipoo who has a gorgeous color yet a very charming attitude.

5. Ace. For the only dog in the house, Ace means a single unit or one in a deck of cards.

6. Bengal. Give your orange pooch with this wild name!

7. Blizzard. This is perfect for pure white Maltipoos as they resemble the color of snow.

8. Boris. If your dog likes contending with other pooches, Boris is a fitting name just like the warrior.

9. Gulliver. Maltipoos who chomp on food like hungry beasts suit this name.

10. Iggy. Pooches with a blazing and upbeat attitude will be a perfect match to this name.

For female Maltipoos:

1. Bella. Italian for the word “beautiful”, this name suits every elegant female Maltipoo.

2. Bubbles. This name is perfect for a Maltipoo with a bubbly and fun disposition.

3. Cinnamon. If your Maltipoo has a brownish cream color, this would be a cute name to give.

4. Cleo. This is another name that imbibes beauty and royalty, short for Cleopatra.

5. Cookie. A sweet and affectionate Maltipoo deserves this name.

6. Harper. If your Maltipoo pup loves music, this one will be a beautiful and meaningful name.

7. Oreo. This one is a matching name for a white Maltipoo with specks of black color.

8. Rosie. For a cheerful and vibrant Maltipoo, this is a fitting name.

9. Shiloh. This directly means “a gift by God”. A very beautiful name for your first pup.

10. Zelda. This warrior name will suit a feisty female Maltipoo.


Maltipoos are adorable pets. But does a Maltipoo shed? Good news, they shed less hair and produce very little dander. But as much they can be considered as hypoallergenic dogs, their coat still needs proper grooming.

Also, you may want to look for the coat color that matches your taste. And at all cost, deal with legitimate Maltipoo breeders only.

Once you have your pup, take time to think of the name. You may want to give that little pooch a name that resembles its appearance or attitude. Above, we’ve listed some Maltipoo names. What do you think about it? Let us know!

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