Top 2 Dog Foods for Maltipoo Puppy – Certified Healthy & Nutritious

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A Maltipoo is a cross breed between a Maltese and Miniature Poodle. This doggo is affectionate and has a vibrant disposition. But as much as they are a unique kind, they also need the best dog food for Maltipoo puppy to grow healthy.

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In this article, we will discuss the nutritional needs of a Maltipoo together with some commercial options. We took the time to review the best options so you can feed your doggo with the healthiest meal possible.

2 Best Dog Foods for Maltipoo Puppy

Here are two of the best Maltipoo dog food products with impressive nutritional value. See which one works for your pup:

Solid Gold Small and Toy Dog Food

best dog food for Maltipoo puppyIf you’re looking for high-quality food for your Maltipoo, don’t miss the Solid Gold Small and Toy Dog Food. It’s an all-natural, gluten-free, and grain-free meal best for small dogs in every stage of life.

This is made with real beef and blended with apple and sweet potato for the right balance of protein, carbs, and additional vitamins. It also has egg protein that’s packed with the much-needed amino acids. Overall, Solid Gold is infused with 20 superfoods for optimal nutrition.

Every serving of this best dog food for Maltipoo puppy has 440 calories, 30% protein, 18% fat, and 4% fiber. This is highly digestible and healthy enough to support the needs of your little pooch.

Also, this comes in heart-shaped kibbles that are the smallest one available in the market. This ensures easy biting and chewing even for teacup dogs like Maltipoos.

Rest assured that this dog food is free of any fillers and artificial preservatives that may upset a pup’s tummy. Also, Solid Gold is the best dog food brand for Maltipoo puppy with over 40 years of producing dog food recipes that nourish.

Even for Maltipoos that are finicky at heart, this Solid Gold kibble will prove to be irresistible.


✔️Made with real beef

✔️Blended with 20 superfoods

✔️Small kibble size for easy chewing

✔️Affordable 4-pound pack

✔️Best for all life stages



❌A little too stinky


❌Can make a pup’s stool too mushy


Royal Canin Mini Puppy Dry Dog Food

best dog food for Maltipoo puppyIf you’re looking for the best dog food brand for Maltipoo puppy, Royal Canin is unbeatable. True enough, their Mini Puppy Dry Dog Food suits teacup Maltipoos.

This Maltipoo dog food is best for mini breed puppies for up to 10 months old. The doggos should have a weight of between 9 to 22 pounds.

Moreover, the Royal Canin dog food is perfect in meeting the needs of a growing puppy with its immune support formula. This chicken meal is blended with natural flavors, potassium, beta glucan, rosemary extract, carotene, and more.

Each serving of this tasty dog food has 29% of protein, 18% of fat, 3% of fiber, and 10% of moisture. All these are ideal for a puppy’s digestion system. It also comes with intense energy content to support the active lifestyle of a vibrant Maltipoo.

The good thing here is you can choose between kibble and wet food with the same formula. Still, the kibble shape and texture make it easy for small pups to chew and swallow.

This Royal Canin puppy food is the best dog food for Maltipoo puppy that’s newly weaned and needs continuous nourishment.


✔️Great for weaned puppies

✔️Specifically formulated for mini breeds

✔️Ideal kibble size and texture

✔️More affordable than the Solid Gold dog food

✔️Packed with prebiotics and antioxidants



❌There are corn filler traces


❌Less tasty and stinky than Solid Gold which can be unattractive for finicky eaters


Maltipoo Dog Food Buying Guide

If this is your first time to purchase the best dog food for Maltipoo puppy, here are the points you should know:

Amount of food a Maltipoo puppy eats

Maltipoos are very small dogs. And since they have small bodies, they can’t eat a large serving in one sitting. Still, this doesn’t mean that their nutritional requirement is inferior to other breeds.

The amount of food will depend on how active your doggo is. For less active Maltipoos, around 340 calories will do per day. However, for active and playful pupperinos, 420 up to 670 calories might be needed.

Aside from the activity level of your pooch, the amount of food it should eat is also dependent on its weight. For example, an active Maltipoo that weighs 12 pounds will not eat the same amount as that of a 5-pound pup with the same activity level.

If your doggo has a special condition, it pays to ask the veterinarian about its diet. A pet nutritionist can also help for Maltipoos with special needs.

Nutritional requirements of a Maltipoo puppy

Based on the active and playful personality of Maltipoos, they usually need high-caloric meals each day. Remember that since they can’t eat a lot in one sitting, you have to spread their meals in small servings for 4 to 5 times a day.

This is the same reason why you should feed your Maltipoo a dog food that’s formulated for small breeds. With this, you can achieve the right balance of protein, vitamins, minerals, and calories.

Aside from this, you should also know that Maltipoos can be susceptible to allergies. Your pup may possess Poodles’ sensitive stomach. This means that low-quality corn fillers and other unwhole grains can trigger allergic reactions.

Also, if your dog proves to be sensitive to some food ingredients, we suggest that you switch it to a Limited Ingredient Diet or LID. This way, you can easily point out the culprit should your dog exhibit irritation and signs of digestive problems.

Ingredients to look for the best dog food for Maltipoo puppy

But what about the ingredients you should look for? Here are some of the crucial items that the best dog food for Maltipoo puppy should have:

🐕Chondroitin and glucosamine. Maltipoo dogs are prone to the condition called “trick knees”. To avoid this, add these two substances to promote joint health.

🐕Omega 3 fatty acids. This will keep the coat of your pooch healthy and shiny. It’s best paired with the right balance of Omega 6.

🐕Vitamin C. To support the immune system and overall health of your doggo.

🐕High-quality protein. When shopping for your Maltipoo’s food, don’t settle on substandard protein. Always look for protein sources that have a complete set of amino acids.

🐕Carb sources. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy of your pooch. Most dog food manufacturers will use sweet potato for added fiber and flavor.

Aside from these items, your dog will also benefit from antioxidants, probiotics, and added minerals. Make sure that the Maltipoo dog food is FDA-approved. At all cost, avoid dog foods that are packed with artificial preservatives, dyes, and flavorings.

Common Maltipoo health problems associated with diet

Another thing you have to consider is the health conditions associated with your Maltipoo’s diet. Here are some that you should remember:

🐕Dental problems

Maltipoo dogs have tiny teeth which get easily infected if you don’t pay attention. The result of dental care negligence among these dogs is heartbreaking.

Aside from brushing the little pooch’s teeth, make sure that you choose a diet that supports their dental health. In addition, opt for the best dog food for Maltipoo puppy with a unique shape that helps clean their mouths.


Since Maltipoo puppies are crossbreeds of Maltese and Poodles, they stand the chance of inheriting some of their ancestors’ health problems.

One of which is skin and food allergies. This can range from mild to severe depending on the allergen that triggers the attack.

Take note that most dogs would have allergies in one or a few food ingredients. Also, to prevent your pooch from suffering from this condition, avoid the notorious allergy-inducing ingredients like soy, corn, and other hard-to-digest grains.


Although the best dog food for Maltipoo puppy cure hypothyroidism, it can still help boost the function of the thyroid gland. With the help of a veterinarian, you can prevent this condition from becoming a life-threatening problem.

🐕White Shaker Syndrome

Maltipoo pups are prone to the White Shaker Syndrome. Dogs with this condition suffer from body tremors and uncontrollable rapid eye movement.

Giving a Vitamin B-rich food to your affected Maltipoo can help ease the tremors. Although this condition isn’t painful, it could be unsettling for your dog.

🐕Upset stomach

This isn’t an uncommon condition among dogs. As a little breed, Maltipoo pups can easily experience digestive problems. This can lead to diarrhea and other habits like eating grass to appease their discomfort.

Nevertheless, you can avoid this by picking a dog food that has limited ingredients and free of any hard-to-digest items.

How to feed a Maltipoo puppy

Maltipoo puppies aren’t supposed to be weaned until they turn six weeks old. The process of weaning should be slow and the pup should be allowed to be with its litter for the first eight weeks of its life.

At this point, Maltipoo pups would be around two to three pounds heavy. You should feed the pooches a maximum of 120 calories a day to sustain their growth needs.

Also, it’s important to practice portion control when feeding this teacup pup. Since they have smaller stomachs, it’s best to spread the day’s calorie requirement in multiple meals. About 4 servings of Maltipoo dog food all throughout the day will be good.

Lastly, have a bowl of fresh water available for your pup. This is crucial, especially if you’re feeding dry kibble.

Dry food vs. wet food

This depends on how old your pup is and what actually works for it. In the case of newly weaned puppies, a mushy and wet meal will be best before introducing them to kibble.

Meanwhile, kibble is best for older pups as it helps in cleaning their teeth. Also, bigger pups will have an easier time chewing and swallowing dry food. If your pup refuses dry food, you can try the wet version or vice versa.

One disadvantage of dry food is the absence of moisture. However, this food type can last longer as long as it’s stored in a sealed container.

On the other hand, wet food provides added moisture but it’s prone to spoiling. Once you open the can, you have to refrigerate it properly to avoid contaminating the food.

Considerations for the best dog food for Maltipoo puppy

Here are a few more things to consider when buying dog food for your pup.

🐕Good taste

Maltipoo pups can be finicky eaters. You’d want to make sure that you serve stinky and delicious meals that they can resist. A formula with fish or real meat will be palatable even for picky eaters.

Still, never choose one that uses artificial flavorings. As much as it will encourage your dog to it, the artificial substance will only wreak havoc to your dogs’ system.

🐕All-natural ingredients

To ensure your Maltipoo’s safety, purchase only all-natural recipes. This should be free of any dyes or artificial flavorings.


This may directly speak about the food’s nutritional value, but the best dog food brand for Maltipoo puppy will always provide more value. Known brands like Royal Canin, Solid Gold, Pedigree, Hill’s Science, AvoDerm and more are good options.

Still, it pays to look on the ingredient’s list to be sure.


Again, Maltipoos have small stomachs. It’s imperative that you choose a dog food that’s easy to digest. If not, your pup will experience diarrhea, vomiting, and other discomforts. Poor nutrient absorption may also happen.

🐕Bite size

Lastly, you shouldn’t force your pup to gobble large pieces of kibble. Always get the smallest possible kibble size available in the market. This will prevent choking and chipping of your pup’s teeth.


The best dog food for Maltipoo puppy should both nourish and fill your pooch. If you want your pup to grow healthy and happy, take your time to give them the best nutrition possible.

As much as cheap dog food products are easy on your pocket, it will also be short of nutrients. In the end, no price can equate to your Maltipoo’s health.

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